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Twitter: Crafting the Perfect Tweet

Twitter allows you to quickly share short pieces of information. Twitter posts can be a maximum of 140 characters in length, but 100 characters is the ideal length for maximum distribution. Including images in your tweets will make them stand out in the Twitter feed; these images should be 1084 x 512 pixels. You may find some sample graphics in the Toolkit’s Graphics Gallery.

What should I include in my opt-out tweets?

  • Link to the Yellow Pages Opt Out page by including this link in your tweets:
  • Increase your reach by tagging other relevant organizations in your tweets. To do so, type the organization’s Twitter handle in the copy of your tweet (@OrganizationName).


Twitter Examples

Below are some examples of Twitter posts for your use. Feel free to copy and paste directly into your Twitter account or customize them to better fit your purposes. You can find images for posting in our Graphics Gallery.


Download a larger list of tweet examples HERE

  • Nearly 70% of adults “rarely or never” use a phone book. Do you? If not, #optout! It’s easy.

Download a larger list of tweet examples HERE


Hashtags: A “hashtag” ties together conversations of different users into one stream on the same topic. This allows social media users to engage on a topic of interest and facilitate conversation.

In this way, hashtags can increase the visibility of your tweet. For a detailed introduction to hashtags, check out this blog post from Hubspot.

If space allows, consider using the following popular hashtags in your posts to attract the attention of those interested in larger issues of conservation, forest depletion, and sustainability.

#green; #earth; #environment; #sustainability; #conservation; #deforestation; #rainforest; #activism; #earthtweet; #ecofriendly; #forests; #trees; #phonebooks; #optout

You may also consider using your own hashtag to raise buzz about this issue. This will also allow you to track engagement by clicking on the hashtag itself. Possible hashtags to use to encourage opt out include:

  • #GetOffMyDoorstep
  • #TheseWereTrees
  • #PhoneBooksOptOut
  • #HappilyOptingOut



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