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"Thank you—This was a very informative and efficient way to reach a number of people."
Dianne Woske
Fulton County D.S.W.

"...your calls are top-notch. Couldn't be better...A+."
William D'Alessandro
Victor House News Co.

"It is a good way to gather and share information without having to schedule a trip to another location."
Stephanie Lauster
Pinellas County, FL

"Excellent program and I look forward to participating in the future."
John Malter
Mad River Solid Waste Alliance


8th Networking Conference Call Series
October - December 2009


Economic and Environmental Benefits of EPR:
Making the Case for Product Stewardship

    Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

2:00 - 3:30 PM EST


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Overview   In order to build the case for product stewardship in state legislatures around the country, local governments and other stakeholders need information about product stewardship results.  Specifically, is product stewardship improving environmental quality?   Is it saving local governments money?  This call will provide facts and figures on product stewardship’s benefits at the local land state level.  It will introduce PSI’s Financial Benefits Calculator and series of case studies and factsheets about product stewardship’s bottom line benefits, as well as work underway at the California Integrated Waste Management Board to document societal benefits from EPR.
Presenters   Jennifer Nash, Product Stewardship Institute
Jen Holliday, Chittenden County Solid Waste District (VT)
Cynthia Dunn, CA Integrated Waste Management Board
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Jennifer Nash, Product Stewardship Institute
Jennifer Nash is Director for Policy and Programs at the Product Stewardship Institute.  Before joining PSI, Jennifer was Executive Director of the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and Director of the School’s Regulatory Policy Program. She is the co-editor of two books on environmental policy innovation including Leveraging the Private Sector (2006) and Regulating from the Inside (2001), and recently completed the report, “Beyond Compliance: Business Decision Making and the US EPA’s Performance Track Program.” She is a member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology and co-chaired the group’s environmental stewardship work group. Before coming to the Kennedy School in 2001, Jennifer was Associate Director and Acting Director of the Technology, Business, and Environment Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her research addressed environmental management practices in firms and included a review of the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care initiative. She was also Program Director and Executive Director of the Clean Air Council, a leading environmental advocacy organization in the Philadelphia area. Jennifer has published in numerous journals such as Environmental Science and Technology; Issues in Science and Technology; Pollution Prevention Review; and Resources, Conservation, and Recycling.  She has presented policy recommendations to EPA’s Innovation Action Council, the National Environmental Partnership Summit, and the Environmental Evaluators Networking Forum, and is on the board of directors of the Multi-State Working Group on Environmental Performance.  Jennifer was recently appointed to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Subcommittee on Promoting Environmental Stewardship to advise EPA on ways it can encourage private sector firms, organizations, and individuals to take actions that complement and go beyond environmental regulatory requirements.

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Jen Holliday, Chittenden County Solid Waste District (VT)
Jen Holliday has worked in the environmental field since 1985 and has developed and managed the household hazardous waste program for the Chittenden Solid Waste District, the largest solid waste district in Vermont, since the program started in 1991. She has served on numerous advisory committees concerning solid waste in Vermont. Currently she serves as the Vice-Chair of the State of Vermont’s Advisory Committee on Mercury Pollution. Committee members are appointed by the governor to advise the Legislature and public on matters related to mercury pollution. Jen has been a strong advocate for product stewardship in Vermont including educating local and state government officials on product stewardship and lobbying for EPR legislation. She is a founding member and Chair of the Vermont Product Stewardship Council formed in 2008 to work on EPR initiatives in Vermont.  On a national level, she has been an active participant in the PSI Paint Dialogue as well as collaborating with other product stewardship leaders in the United States and Canada on product stewardship initiatives. She has served on the PSI Board of Directors since 2006 and on the Executive Board for the past two years.

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Cynthia Dunn, CA Integrated Waste Management Board
Cynthia is an integrated waste management specialist with 10 years in the environmental field in both the private and public sectors.  The majority of that time has been spent working in the solid waste arena with the City of San José on commercial recycling and, most recently, with the CIWMB on issues related to household hazardous waste, universal waste, and extended producer responsibility.  She is currently on a team tasked with implementing the board’s Strategic Directive on Producer Responsibility, and whose most recent effort is to attempt to identify and quantify the economic, environmental, and other impacts of product stewardship programs.  Cynthia received her BS from San José State University in Environmental Studies with a minor in Packaging Technologies.

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