Phone Book Laws and Legislation

Phone Book Legislation – Introduced

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Laws Requiring Consumer Opt-Out and Other Provisions

City of Seattle (program no longer in effect)
Council Bill Number: 116954

Laws Requiring Consumer Opt-In and Other Provisions

City of San Francisco (program no longer in effect)
Ordinance File Number: 110114

Previous Legislation Requiring Consumer Opt-Out and Other Provisions

HB 387 (2008)

SB 201 (2011)
HB 1981 (2008)

City of Cambridge Policy Order Resolution (2011)
H3123 (2009)

HF 170 (2009)

New Mexico
HB 700 (2007)

HB 461 (2011)

New York
A1651 (2013)

A04747 (2011)
AB 2537 (2009)
Albany Common Council Chapter 217 on Handbills (2009)

North Carolina
SB 591 (2007)

HB 1751 (2011)
Seattle City Council CB116954 (2010)
HB 3326 (2008)

Previous Legislation Requiring Consumer Opt-In and Other Provisions

San Francisco Ordinance - Chapter 20 (2011)
SB 920 (2010)

SB 2628 (2008)

SB 525 (2011)
HB 3477 (2009)

Previous Legislation Requiring Distribution of Phone Books

State of Florida Rule 25-4.040

Previous Legislation Restricting Distribution of Phone Books

Legislation on Handbills and Other Material

Previous Legislation Requiring Recycling/Using Recycled Content in Phone Books

Chapter 446d - Sec. 22a-256z
Directory Publisher Fact Sheet

Amendments to Senate Bill No. 629 (1997)

115A.951 Minnesota Statutes (2007)

Contact for Phone Book Stewardship Legislation: Isaac Griffith-Onnen,