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The Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) is a national, membership-based nonprofit committed to reducing the health, safety, and environmental impacts of consumer products across their lifecycle with a strong focus on sustainable end-of-life management. We take a unique product stewardship approach to solving waste management problems by encouraging product design changes and mediating multi-stakeholder dialogues. With 47 state environmental agency members, along with hundreds of local government members from coast to coast, and 100 corporate, business, academic, non-U.S. government, and organizational partners, we work to promote product stewardship across North America.

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PSI works to develop and promote legislation and voluntary initiatives whereby manufacturers are responsible for recycling or safely disposing of their products once consumers are done with them. This is a concept known as producer responsibility. When manufacturers are responsible for managing their products at end-of-life, they are often motivated to make environmentally beneficial design changes that render the products more sustainable throughout their lifecycle. This act of making products more sustainable—of ensuring that they have minimal impacts on health, safety, and the environment across their lifecycle—is what we call product stewardship. Learn more here.

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