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Illinois Product Stewardship Council Needs Your Support

As most of us have experienced first-hand, our local government budgets cannot sustain current levels of needed support to provide electronics recycling for Illinois citizens.  The Illinois Product Stewardship Council (ILPSC) is sending out this appeal for contributions in support of improving the E-Waste Program and legislation in Illinois. We are requesting that your organization contribute a small amount of funding so that we may obtain the assistance of the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) to be fully engaged in efforts to improve the Illinois E-Waste Program. PSI has the background and expertise to best represent Illinois citizens as a review of the Illinois E-Waste Program begins in earnest this month. PSI has worked to develop and improve manufacturer electronics take-back programs across the U.S. ILPSC believes PSI can best represent the interests of Illinois citizens as the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency begins its review of: 

  • the sufficiency of Illinois E-Waste Program goals;
  • the fairness of the formula used to establish individual manufacturer goals;
  • the adequacy of credit and penalty components; and
  • the cost-effectiveness and convenience of collection systems for Illinois residents

A target amount of $5,000 in total contributions has been set and is the minimum needed to have a meaningful role for PSI in the upcoming process to develop a long-term sustainable electronics program in Illinois. ILPSC requests that your local government consider a contribution - based on population - that will be used toward electronic legislation efforts in   the State of Illinois.

Contribution requests by population:

10,000 or less:       $100
10,000-90,000:      $200
90,000 or more:     $300

To make a contribution, use this donation form. Alternatively, you may contact Amanda Nicholson at the Product Stewardship Institute at or call (617) 236-4833. Contributions are appreciated as soon as possible, but at the latest by December 31, 2015.

If you can’t contribute the entire amount we are seeking, any contribution will be greatly appreciated, and if you can contribute more, please do!  For more information about ILPSC, please visit  To learn more about PSI, please visit

Thank you for your consideration and support in providing the funding necessary to continue efforts to improve electronics legislation in Illinois.




ILPSC Membership Sub-Committee

  • Courtney Kwong, Chair, Illinois Product Stewardship Council; Recycling Coordinator, City of Urbana
  • Susan Monte, Sustainability Coordinator, Champaign County Regional Planning Commission
  • Jennifer Jarland, Recycling Program Coordinator, Kane County
  • Walter Willis, Executive Director, Solid Waste Agency of Lake County

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