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Massachusetts Product Stewardship Council (MA PSC) is an organization of Massachusetts municipalities seeking to shift the responsibility of managing discarded products from cities and towns to the producers who design and market them. The coalition advocates for producer responsibility policies and programs that increase recycling, save money for cities and towns, and create jobs. 


  • Develops and recommends product stewardship policies, including producer responsibility legislation, to organizations, institutions, governments, state legislatures, and legislators.
  • Provides a forum for the exchange of information regarding existing and proposed product stewardship programs to reduce the volume and toxicity of waste.

To shift our waste management system from government funded and taxpayer financed, to one that relies on producer responsibility to reduce public costs and to drive improvements in product design. Our goals are reduction in waste and increase in reuse, repair, and recycling.


Your donation goes directly to MA PSC's work, increasing recycling, creating jobs, and saving money for cities and towns in Massachusetts.

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