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Unwanted drugs pose a silent threat to our families and environment. We outlined the problem & solution in this op-ed published by the Boston Business Journal.

Massachusetts is facing a heartbreaking drug abuse epidemic. In 2015, Bay State families encountered 1,379 unintentional opioid overdose deaths, up 51% from 2013. Even now, overdose deaths in MA continue to rise. Fortunately, Massachusetts passed the first state drug-abuse prevention law that includes a requirement for pharmaceutical companies to pay for the safe disposal of unwanted medications.

With the law in place, it’s time to put it into action! 

Nearly 70% of people who begin using prescription drugs non-medically get them from a family member or friend, and opioid abuse is often a gateway to heroin use, addiction, and overdose death

Storing unwanted or expired medications in the home puts seniors, children, and pets at risk for accidental poisoning, while flushing them down the drain or putting them in the trash contaminates our drinking water and harms aquatic species

Trashing drugs also leaves them open to children, pets, and addicts, even when mixed with kitty litter or coffee grounds. 

That’s why the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) wants to keep leftover drugs out of your medicine cabinets, trash bins, and waterways. We do this by setting up convenient collection kiosks that make it easy to drop off unwanted meds during your next trip to the pharmacy.

Our method works – but we need funding to make collection as convenient as possible for you and our fellow Bay Staters.

Together, we can save lives and protect our waterways.

Your donation will support our on-the-ground efforts in Massachusetts to set up convenient drop-off locations for leftover medications across the state.



Why PSI?

PSI has created solutions for safe drug disposal for over a decade:

- We run pilot projects at pharmacies to show that drug take-back works;

- We create clear educational materials  to ensure that everyone knows
what to do with leftover medications;

- We develop model policies requiring pharmaceutical companies to fund
and manage safe drug collection programs;

- We spearheaded a national effort to change federal law: now pharmacies,
hospitals, and other convenient locations can collect controlled substances.

Thanks to PSI’s help, Massachusetts, Vermont, and nearly a dozen local governments nationwide passed safe drug disposal laws.