Project 8: Model Program

This PSI project addresses the need for a comprehensive program to be adopted in individual states regarding the purchase, use, and recycling of mercury thermostats. The project used the current Maine law and similar legislation in Pennsylvania as a basis for a comprehensive program that was to be developed by all key stakeholders. The Maine law includes the following key program components:

  • Manufacturer Requirement For All Companies
  • Manufacturer Requirement – Contractor and Homeowner Financial Incentive
  • Retailer and Manufacturer Sales Prohibition for Non-compliance
  • Performance Goals

In addition to these major programmatic components, PSI explored with the national multi-stakeholder group which other components should be included in a model program. The result was a comprehensive model state program that received broad multi-stakeholder support. The model was developed as components so that states can consider using the entire program, or only certain parts. It includes a menu of options to account for state preferences. Additional components that can be considered include requirements on wholesalers and/or contractors to participate in an industry recycling program, a mercury thermostat disposal ban, and restrictions on the sale of mercury thermostats.

PSI's Role

PSI facilitated the development of the model program, evaluated progress, and conducted education and outreach. PSI facilitated four stakeholder conference calls to reach consensus on the key program elements to be included in a model program. PSI also developed model program language that states can consider when addressing the issue of mercury thermostat management. PSI will continually update its website to include information about this project.

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