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Project #1 Leftover Paint Management Education Pilot


During the dialogue, the PPSI group developed a one-page leftover paint management guidance for consumers entitled, Be Paint Wise: Buy the Right Size, on how to manage leftover paint. The guidance, developed by consensus, has been posted on the NPCA, Earth 911, and PSI websites. However, before any large-scale campaign is developed to further disseminate the guidance, this project will test the effectiveness of the message and various communication techniques. Additional funding is still needed to develop a pilot project that will determine the extent to which consumer behavior can be influenced, and leftover paint reduced, by educating consumers using the guidance.


Leftover Paint Management Guidance



Buy the correct amount of paint for the project

2.Store paint properly to keep it fresh
3.Use it up or give it away
4.Reuse or recycle
5.Proper disposal


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Paint Wise Portal

Earth 911, a national environmental education organization, and the National Paint and Coatings Association have teamed to develop the Paint Wise portal on the Earth 911 web site. This paint information resource grew out of the PPSI dialogue, and highlights the Leftover Paint Management Guidance developed through consensus of the PPSI group. PSI, NPCA, and Earth 911 issued a joint press release on November 2, 2005, to announce the launch of this new site.

NPCA Public Service Announcment

Another PPSI spin-off project began on November 16, 2005, when NPCA ran a Public Service Announcement (PSA) on the radio using the Guidance and the Earth 911 website as the basis. As of December 5, 2005, the PSA has been broadcast 150 times in 29 different states with an audience of 11,455,700. This has included major market places, such as New York City, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Detroit, and Seattle. The PSA provides consumers with information on how to manage leftover paint, using the Guidance as its basis. The PSA encouraged the public to visit the Earth 911 Paint Wise portal for additional information on managing leftover paint.


Project Documents


PSI, NPCA, and Earth 911 Press Release Announcing Launch of Paint Wise Portal (Nov. 2005)
Leftover Paint Management Guidance (July 2004)


Project #2 Public Education Survey and Analysis


Based on a phone survey of residents in Portland, Maine, behavior change specialist McKenzie Mohr & Associates developed a final report that identified and ranked the reasons that people over-purchase paint. The report also recommended educational strategies to change consumer purchasing behaviors, thereby reducing the amount of leftover paint at the point of generation. The main recommendation was to pilot test an in-store kiosk that would allow consumers to calculate the amount of paint needed for a job without having to measure prior to entering the store.


Project Documents


Final Project Summary - Paint Source Reduction Project (Dec. 2005)
Residential Paint Survey: Report and Recommendations (Nov. 2005)
Residential Paint Survey Questionnaire (Aug. 2005)


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