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Project #3: Paint Reuse Guidance Manual


One issue identified during the PPSI dialogue was that managers of household hazardous waste facilities often do not realize the value in adding a paint swap to their program. In addition, while other groups, such as non-profits and community-based groups, run successful reuse facilities, this approach to waste minimization and recycling of paint is often overlooked and underutilized. It was also clear that the existing documents developed by various entities on how to start paint reuse programs were outdated and incomplete. Since the PPSI group determined the most cost effective and best use for leftover paint is to reuse it as paint, they decided to consolidate and update these resources into a single document called a Paint Reuse Guidance Manual.

NPCA developed the Guidance Manual with input from PSI and the Infrastructure Workgroup, which PSI facilitated. The Guidance Manual is a comprehensive manual on paint reuse for state and municipal agencies, non-profit and/or other material reuse organizations, and other businesses and consumers. There will be a significant outreach component once the Guidance Manual is completed. Funding is still needed to conduct a pilot project to test the effectiveness of the Guidance Manual in increasing the number of new or expanded reuse centers, the amount of paint reused, and the cost savings in managing leftover paint through reuse.

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Project #4: National Leftover Paint Infrastructure Model

Project #5: National Leftover Paint Infrastructure Cost Analysis

These two projects helped to determine the elements of a cost-effective and efficient infrastructure to collect, reuse, consolidate, transport, recycle, and dispose of leftover paint, and then estimated the cost to develop that infrastructure nationally. One of the key barriers inhibiting a discussion on a nationally coordinated paint management system was the lack of information on cost-effective systems to manage leftover paint. This project analyzed the results from other PPSI projects, such as the Paint Reuse Guidance Manual, leftover paint age study, leftover paint quantity study, and the percentage of recyclable paint survey, to determine the elements of an efficient paint infrastructure system. The Infrastructure Workgroup, led by an official from the Washington Department of Ecology, hired SCS Engineers, which wrote the report. PSI facilitated workgroup conference calls, edited the document, and assisted in resolving key issues.

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