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Join more than 55 companies and organizations in a diverse network dedicated to reducing the health and environmental impacts of consumer products.


  • PSI Corporate, Academic, and Organizational partners shape public policy by participating in PSI national dialogues and other activities;
  • PSI provides access to information and networks through Product Stewardship Updates, the PSI Newsletter, and Networking Calls;
  • Partners receive PSI technical and strategic advice and enjoy discounts on PSI consulting, trainings, and Forum registrations;
  • PSI recognizes partners' contributions at the PSI Forum, dialogue meetings, and on the PSI website;
  • PSI offers opportunities for partners to market their organization and services.

Corporate Partnership
Product stewardship cannot be achieved without private sector leadership. PSI’s strategic plan states that one of the organization’s five goals is to “increase industry receptivity, commitment, and participation in product stewardship initiatives.” In January 2009 PSI’s Board of Directors authorized PSI‘s executive director to initiate partnerships to private sector firms that support PSI’s mission and recognize our Principles of Product Stewardship

Organizational Partnership 
PSI was the national first organization in the United States to promote extended producer responsibility as the best way to achieve the dual goals of reducing waste disposal costs borne by government and improving environmental quality. Today, new national and regional organizations are helping lead the product stewardship movement and Product Stewardship Councils are forming in many regions and states. PSI welcomes and recognizes these organizations’ important contributions and seeks to partner with them to achieve shared goals and further institutionalize the product stewardship movement.


  • PSI seeks partners that share its mission to promote product stewardship. Partners include private sector companies as well as organizations; 
  • PSI works closely with organizational and corporate partners to share information, plan joint initiatives, and recognize their contributions to product stewardship;
  • PSI’s Board of Directors approves partnerships with corporations or organizations contributing $20,000 or more and ensures that partners’ financial contributions do not inappropriately influence PSI’s activities;
  • Partners do not participate in PSI governance;
  • Partnerships may be ended at any time at the discretion of either party.

Fees for Corporate Partners 
PSI offers three levels of corporate partnership: Founding Partners, Sustaining Partners, and Partners.  Benefits and fees vary depending upon the level of partnership and size (in terms of revenue) of the partnering organization.  Please check the website and contact Jennifer Sweat for more information.

 To become a Partner or for more information, contact:

Erin Linsky Graber

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