What is PSI doing on Tires?

The Product Stewardship Institute is currently seeking cooperative industry partners for scrap tire initiatives, and is working with select states and municipalities where tires are a high priority. PSI is exploring opportunities for reducing impacts from tires along the entire product life cycle, including "front-end” solutions (e.g., the use of tires with longer operational life) and those at a product’s "end of life” (e.g., developing new or expanding existing end-use applications).

Stakeholder Meetings

The Product Stewardship Institute was commissioned by the California Integrated Waste Management Board to engage key stakeholders involved in the manufacture, sale, regulation, use, recycling, and disposal of tires to find solutions that would ultimately result in the reduction of tires disposal in landfills. This project commenced in January 2004 with stakeholder interviews and research that led to a Tire Stewardship Action Plan, which outlined the problem, project goals, key issues, and potential solutions. The Action Plan formed the basis for a one-day stakeholder meeting in July 2004. At the meeting, participants discussed possible methods for reducing environmental impacts along their entire life cycle, including front-end and end of life solutions.

Get Involved

Interested in learning more about, or participating in, the scrap tire reduction and management dialogue? Contact Evan Newell at evan@productstewardship.us or (617) 236-8293 to learn more.

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