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The following 11 projects were part of the 1st Paint Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) established on April 1, 2005, and signed or endorsed by over 60 representatives of the paint industry, government agencies, paint recyclers, and retailers. The 1st Paint MOU was a milestone agreement facilitated by the Product Stewardship Institute, Inc. (PSI) with the multi-stakeholder Paint Product Stewardship Initiative (PPSI). The 11 projects were later condensed into 8 projects. All have been completed except Project #11, Lifecycle Balance of Costs and Benefits, which is currently being completed. The results of these projects are being used to develop a nationally coordinated leftover paint management system. Over $1 million has been contributed jointly through this multi-stakeholder partnership. Each of the projects was facilitated by PSI, although different representatives took the lead on individual projects. These projects relied on the expertise, commitment, and leadership of company executives, government officials, and other key stakeholders.

Education Projects

Project #1 – Leftover Paint Management Education Pilot

Project #2 – Public Education Survey and Analysis

Infrastructure Projects

Project #3 – Paint Reuse Guidance Manual

Project #4 – National Leftover Paint Infrastructure Model

Project #5 – National Leftover Paint Infrastructure Cost Analysis

Market Projects

Project #6 – Market Development Strategy

Project #7 – Recycled Paint Marketing Guide for Distributors

Project #8 – Recycled Paint Certification System

Other Projects

Project #9 – Health, Safety, Environmental & Regulatory Issues

Project #10 – Financing System Research and Model Development

Project #11 – Lifecycle Balance of Costs and Benefits


Related Projects Outside of the PPSI Dialogue

Many PPSI participants are engaged in their own projects, some of which have been initiated as a result of relationships made during dialogue meetings. Although these projects are proceeding outside the MOU timeframe, project results and other information are constantly fed into the PPSI dialogue. These projects are listed below. If you are working on a project related to leftover paint and would like it listed on this webpage, contact Mike Younis.

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