The 2nd National Product Stewardship Forum

The 2nd National Product Stewardship Forum

Chicago, June 14 - 15 2006

In meeting growing environmental challenges, product stewardship is becoming an increasingly important tool for policy-makers, corporations, state and local governments, and NGOs alike. What is the status of product stewardship and how has it been implemented to date? What role can it play in shaping a better environmental future? What can we learn about product stewardship from our European and Canadian colleagues, and from attempts to adopt it in the U.S.? Can government, the private sector, and others find common ground around the product stewardship approach and the ideas of "shared responsibility?"

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Forum Participant Comments:

"One of the best, if not the best, conference I've attended in the past 11 years."

"Very good. I learned a lot about Product Stewardship at this Conference and the potential for expanding/integrating this area."

"The level of sophistication on the part of the speakers is impressive. It is clear that they know their stuff (and network very well.)"

"Especially in light of budget/travel reductions, this is one of the "must go to" conference of the year!"

"Very worthwhile, and a great networking opportunity."

"Inspirational, motivational, and absolutely relevant to the work that we do."

"One of the best keynotes I've heard, memorable."

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