Raleigh, NC Phone Book Dialogue Meeting - Thursday, June 28, 2007

Outcome of PSI Phone Book Meeting

Members of the telephone directory industry met with federal, state, and local government officials and other concerned citizens in Raleigh, North Carolina, on June 28th in a meeting facilitated by Product Stewardship Institute. The purpose of the meeting was to begin a dialogue regarding environmentally preferable practices related to telephone directory production and distribution. Industry participants included representatives from the Yellow Pages Association, Association of Directory Publishers, directory publishers, and key industry suppliers.

The group agreed to gather data regarding current industry and government practices, including recycling opportunities, prior to the next meeting in October, and to investigate potential strategies to minimize the environmental impact of directory production and distribution.

Below are two relevant questions with associated responses:

Q: Will the industry agree to an "opt out" program for consumers?

A: The participants agreed to investigate both the demand for an "opt out" program and the competitive, operational, and practical hurdles that such a program would entail.

Q: What steps does the directory publishing industry currently take to minimize the negative environmental impact of producing and distributing directories?
A: Most directories contain 40% recycled content (Recycle); the industry has reduced paper usage by using lighter directory paper (Reduce); most fiber for directory paper comes from sawmill residual chips (Reduce); many directories are recycled into paper and other end uses like cellulose insulation (Reuse); and the paper industry has made significant efforts to reduce fossil fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.



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