The 4th National Product Stewardship Forum

The 4th National Product Stewardship Forum

Hyatt Harborside Hotel, Boston
June 3-5, 2008

PSI would like to thank the over 120 attendees from business, government, and non profit organizations that joined us in Boston for this energetic an informative event! Here is what our attendees said:

  • Best conference I’ve been to in many years!
  • I was thrilled with all the good info and excellent speaker line-up.
  • Nice mix of industry, TPO, NGO, government.
  • Excellent as always. Covered a broad range of sessions with real information and tools for further efforts.

The Forum provided an overarching perspective on the state of product stewardship today, as well as information about innovative programs and processes currently underway in both the U.S. and abroad. Speakers representing manufacturer, retailer, state and local government, and environmental advocacy interests provided their diverse perspectives on the ideals and realities of the product stewardship approach.

Forum plenary topics included:

  • Keynote Speeches from Industry Leaders
  • The Retail Role in Product Stewardship
  • State Thermostat and Electronics Legislative/Program Roundtables
  • Industry Stewardship Organizations
  • Measuring Progress and Performance Goals
  • Updates on Key Product Areas
  • International Harmonization and Trends
  • Financing Systems - Experiences from the U.S., Canada, and Europe
  • A Product Stewardship Approach to Packaging
  • Product Stewardship Framework Legislation
Forum Materials

The PSI Membership Meeting was held from 4:00 - 6:00 pm on June 3rd.

For any questions regarding this event, please contact:

Erin Linsky Graeber


Thank you to our Forum Sponsors:


And Exhibitors:

Earth 911

North American Hazardous Materials Management Association

FiveWinds International

Forum Participant Comments:

"One of the best, if not the best, conference I've attended in the past 11 years."

"Very good. I learned a lot about Product Stewardship at this Conference and the potential for expanding/integrating this area."

"The level of sophistication on the part of the speakers is impressive. It is clear that they know their stuff (and network very well.)"

"Especially in light of budget/travel reductions, this is one of the "must go to" conference of the year!"

"Very worthwhile, and a great networking opportunity."

"Inspirational, motivational, and absolutely relevant to the work that we do."

"One of the best keynotes I've heard, memorable."

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