Medical Sharps 2- Sacramento,CA Dialogue Meeting

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Day 1 - Tuesday, September 23, 2008
PSI Presentation (all Day 1 slides) - Scott Cassel and Sierra Fletcher
State implementation of SB 1305 and Status of AB 501 - Jim Cropper, CIWMB
News Release: New State Law Bans Needles, Syringes from Household Trash, Sept 1, 2008, CIWMB
Syringe Disposal poster
Local government perspective - Rob D'Arcy, Santa Clara County
Municipal Waste Management 101 handout - Ben Hoffman, Waste Management
Sharps Treatment and Disposal 101 - Alex Napier, Stericycle
Update and Discussion on Data Workgroup - Sierra Fletcher, PSI

Self-injected Drug Table
Literature on Needle-stick Costs (Healthcare Setting), provided by Angela Laramie (MA DPH)
Literature on Incidence of Needle-sticks in Waste Industry, provided by Angela Laramie (MA DPH)
Literature on Risk of Infection from Needle-stick Injury
, provided by Angela Laramie (MA DPH)

Literature on Sharps Disposal from the Home, PSI

Update and Discussion on Existing/Pilot Projects Workgroup - Jenny Schumann, Coalition for Safe Community Needle Disposal

Eureka Sharps Collection Program (Rhode Island) - Cherie Fischer, Chrysalis Environmental Solutions and Dave Feeney, Oxnard Pharmacy

Meeting Presentations

Day 2 - Wednesday, September 24, 2008
PSI Presentation (all Day 2 slides) - Scott Cassel and Sierra Fletcher
California's Extended Producer Responsibility Framework - Heidi Sanborn, California Product Stewardship Council
CIWMB EPR Checklist
CIWMB EPR Framework
Overview of Financial Flows in the Medical System - Margaret Nowak, Avalere

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