Fluorescent Lighting Dialogue Meeting - Seattle WA 2 - November

The third Fluorescent Lighting Dialogue Meeting took place on November 6-7, 2008 in Seattle, WA.

Meeting Agenda
Meeting Attendees
Final Meeting Summary
Meeting Logistics Information (posted October 29, 2008)
PSI Dialogue Fee Policy
Participation by Phone

Meeting Presentations

Day 1 - Thursday, November 6th

PSI Presentation (All Day 1 slides) - Scott Cassel and Sierra Fletcher
Financing Options Presentation - Theresa Stiner, IA Department of Natural Resources


 Documents for Discussion on Bans & Enforcement
Draft Press Release
Model Disposal Ban Language

Meeting Presentations

 Day 2 - Friday, November 7th
PSI Presentation (All Day 2 sildes) - Scott Cassel and Sierra Fletcher
 Lamp Breakage
Overview of Lamp Breakage Issue, Becky Jayne, IL Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Postal Service Presentation Summary, Terry Grover
U.S. Postal Service Studies Presentation, Terry Grover


 Documents for Discussion on Retail and Work Place Engagement
U.S. Postal Service Mercury Exposure Assessment Article, Terry Grover, Charles Vidich, et al
Recommendations for Retail Collection of Fluorescent Lamps, PSI
How to Collect Fluorescent Lamps: Recommendations and Considerations, PSI and Women's Voices for the Earth

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