What is PSI doing on Electronics?

PSI is actively supporting electronics legislation, helping state members and their stakeholders identify potential improvements to existing laws, and continuously updating our comprehensive review of the lessons learned from existing electronics programs. PSI is also working to promote electronics recycling in states with existing laws, and is collaborating with stakeholders from government, recycling, and manufacturing to address the growing issue of Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) stockpiling.

Projects and Initiatives

In December 2000, PSI held the country’s first national Product Stewardship Forum and from this government forum grew the National Electronics Product Stewardship Initiative (NEPSI), which became the country’s first national discussion among electronics manufacturers, state and local government agencies, recyclers, and non-governmental organizations. Although the NEPSI dialogue did not result in a national agreement, it was a significant turning point and became the first dialogue in which industry consciously committed to take a product stewardship approach.

PSI also previously worked to advance environmentally preferable procurement policies for governments and published "Purchasing Environmentally Preferable Computers: A Guide for Government Procurement Officials” in 2003. PSI also worked with Staples, Inc. to design, implement, and evaluate a pilot retail electronics take-back program with Staples, Inc. from 2004 to 2005. From 2006 to 2008, PSI was involved in an effort on the part of the Congressional House Energy and Environment Committee to develop federal electronics product stewardship legislation. Participants included electronics manufacturers, retailers, recyclers, government agencies, and environmental groups. In March 2008, PSI provided comments on a Federal E-Recycling Concept Proposal developed by a bi-partisan Congressional E-Waste Working Group. In 2013, PSI released a report assessing the effectiveness of New York State’s EPR law, one of the most recent and advanced in the U.S. PSI is also working in rural areas to increase the use of voluntary product stewardship programs through collaborative local outreach and education programs.

Get Involved

Interested in learning more about PSI’s electronics initiative? Contact Evan Newell at PSI, evan@productstewardship.us, or 617-236-8293 to learn more about the project and what PSI is doing to address this issue.

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