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12th Series Product Stewardship Institute Networking Webinars

Mattress Stewardship Legislation:
The Time has Come

Thursday, November 17th

12:00 - 1:00 PM ET / 9:00 - 10:00 AM PT


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PSI Mattress Presentation

Background Materials

PSI Outline for Connecticut Mattress Stewardship Bill with working definitions

PSI Mattress Stewardship Briefing Document

Hartford Mattress Disposal Case Study

Connecticut Dept of Energy and Environmental Protection Mattress Recycling website


Overview:Mattresses and box springs are relative newcomers to product stewardship initiatives in the United States. About 40 million mattresses and box springs are sold in the United States each year. Whether they are recycled or disposed of, used mattresses represent a significant cost for local governments and institutions to manage. Motivated to reduce an estimated $400,000 annual cost to dispose of residential mattresses, the City of Hartford, Connecticut, has taken the national lead on mattress stewardship, and is drafting EPR legislation for mattresses. PSI, the City of Hartford, and the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority will be hosting a Mattress Stakeholder Dialogue Meeting on November 4 to encourage manufacturers, retailers, and other stakeholders to participate in shaping legislation. This webinar will provide an overview of the mattress stewardship issue, including the problems and costs of managing mattresses. It will feature key elements of extended producer responsibility legislation for mattresses and an update on the outcomes of the November 4 stakeholder meeting.


Scott Cassel, Product Stewardship Institute

Expert Panelists:

Marilynn Cruz-Aponte, City of Hartford, CT

Tom Metzner, CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Bradford Mitchell, Park City Green

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Scott Cassel, Executive Director, Product Stewardship Institute
Scott Cassel is the Executive Director of the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI), which pursues initiatives to ensure that all those involved in the lifecycle of a product share responsibility for reducing its health and environmental impacts. Prior to founding the Institute in 2000, Scott served seven years as the Director of Waste Policy and Planning for the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs. He is a founding Board Member and past-President of the North American Hazardous Materials Management Association, whose mission is to reduce the toxicity of the municipal waste stream. He is also a founding Board Member of the Global Product Stewardship Council, which harmonizes product stewardship programs internationally. Scott has worked on product and waste management issues for the past 30 years, for a start-up solid waste management company, a non-profit statewide environmental group, and several other government agencies, including the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. He is author of a comprehensive book chapter on product stewardship in the 2008 Handbook on Household Hazardous Waste. He was also a syndicated newspaper columnist in Massachusetts, including the Boston Business Journal. Scott has a master's degree in environmental policy and dispute resolution from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an undergraduate degree in Geology and Environmental Studies from the University of Pennsylvania.

Marilynn Cruz-Aponte, Assistant to Director, City of Hartford, Connecticut
Marilynn has worked in solid waste policy development at the state and municipal levels as an assistant to Governor William O’Neill (1983-1991), and as Assistant Director of Public Works in two large, urban, municipalities in Connecticut (New Britain Pop.70,000 and now Hartford Pop. 124,000). She has also been a key designer of solid waste programs on a local level, including re-design and operations of curbside collection programs, design and construction of two transfer stations, and operations of a municipal bulky waste landfill. Marilynn is currently the coordinator of the City of Hartford Landfill’s closure and post-closure plan with the regional WTE. In 2008, Marilynn launched the first single-stream recycling pilot involving 5000 households in Connecticut, to demonstrate effectiveness in increasing diversion rates. Her experience in communications and marketing –both English and Spanish—has made it possible for her to educate stakeholders associated with the various solid waste efforts she has undertaken. Marilynn has also had past board experience and fully understands the role of a Board of Directors member in setting the policy course for an organization and helping it thrive financially and politically, so as to achieve the mission of the organization.
Marilynn is a seasoned senior government manager, who for 23 years has formulated waste collection services and incurred disposal costs for a myriad of waste streams. These experiences and the associated expenditures have impacted her views regarding the role manufacturers have in product stewardship. Creating consumer purchasing habits that result in municipal disposal and environmental costs is not responsible nor is it possible for government to sustain. Marilynn is committed to expanding the products and the production processes that embrace stewardship and life-cycle design. She has an excellent grasp of the interrelationship between environmental policy, consumer behavior, business concerns and municipal operational costs, which will allow her to make meaningful contributions to the PSI board.

Tom Metzner, Environmental Analyst, CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
Tom Metzner has been an Environmental Analyst with the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection since 1993. His primary responsibility is implementation of the Connecticut law covering the recycling of electronic waste. He also works on mercury product laws, household hazardous waste and producer responsibility initiatives. He earned a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies from Antioch New England Graduate School.

Bradford Mitchell, Project Manager, Park City Green
Park City Green is a start up mattress recycler in Bridgeport Connecticut. PCG is a facility where discarded mattresses will be deconstructed and their component parts – foam, steel, cotton and wood will be sold to commodities brokers. The facility will take a nuisance product out of the waste stream and at the same time provide jobs to ex-offenders and others with barriers to employment. The project is a collaboration of Greater Bridgeport Community Enterprises and Family ReEntry, with the generous support of St Vincent DePaul Society of Lane County Oregon, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the City of Bridgeport. The project manager and facility Director of Operations, Bradford Mitchell, has worked on this project since March 2011.

Bradford began his career as a Naval Flight Officer and Maintenance Officer for the US Navy and served tours of duty during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He served on active duty for six years and travelled extensively around the globe serving his country. Upon leaving active duty Bradford remained in the reserves and in 1999 was subsequently recalled to active duty supporting the Joint Interagency Task Force West at Coast Guard Island in California supporting the "War on Drugs”. Bradford remained in the reserves until 2008 and retired from the Navy. During his civilian career Bradford has worked in the fields of Environmental Engineering Project Engineering, Project Management, Operations, Continuous Improvement and Management for the City of Jacksonville and several fortune 100 companies in the consumer products and aerospace industries. Bradford has a track record of successfully managing people, budgets and growing businesses that he brings to Park City Green.

Bradford received both his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as his Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of New Haven. He now resides in Bridgeport Connecticut.




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"Thank you—This was a very informative and efficient way to reach a number of people."
Dianne Woske
Fulton County D.S.W.

"...your calls are top-notch. Couldn't be better...A+."
William D'Alessandro
Victor House News Co.

"It is a good way to gather and share information without having to schedule a trip to another location."
Stephanie Lauster
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John Malter
Mad River Solid Waste Alliance

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