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Link blocks junk catalogs.The Boston Globe, December 2011.

Brookline and Cambridge residents looking to stem the tide of catalogs can now do so with a few mouse clicks, thanks to a collaboration between the two municipalities and the Boston-based Product Stewardship Institute.

More states ban disposal of electronics in landfills. USA Today, December 2011.

Seventeen states have banned electronic waste from landfills, requiring it to be recycled so its toxic materials don't leach into groundwater. Seven of these bans took effect this year, and two more will take effect soon.

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Maine is a Leader in Product Stewardship: It is Time to Move Forward – Not Back. January 2012.

Maine Governor Paul LePage sought to reverse these laws since taking office in 2011, threatening to nullify significant economic and environmental progress.

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PSI Press Releases

Local Initiative to Stem the Tide of Unwanted Holiday Catalogues. December 2011.

Residents in Brookline and Cambridge now have a new way to simplify the holidays – by saying no to the deluge of catalogues filling their mailboxes.

The Product Stewardship Institute announces new Advisory Council to help revolutionize product policy. November 2011.

PSI has just launched a new Advisory Council, which summons the talents, knowledge, influence, and social conscience of major public figures.

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Mayor Leads Inclusive Discussion to Develop Mattress Disposal Legislation. City of Hartford, November 2011.

The City of Hartford is taking issue with old mattresses and it’s not because of a bad night’s sleep. Each year, Hartford collects a staggering 18,000 mattresses.

U.S. District Judge rules in favor of Seattle’s yellow pages opt-out law. Seattle City Council, June 2011.

U.S. District Judge grants Seattle’s motion for summary judgment, upholding Seattle’s city-wide opt out system for unwanted yellow pages.

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Jennifer Holliday: "We are hoping the legislature will consider banning some kinds of waste from landfills statewide." Burlington Free Press, January 2012.

Vermont passed its solid waste law in 1987 leading to the closing of town landfills, the creation of regional solid-waste districts and the growth of recycling.

Solid Wastes Industry Announces New Policy on Product Stewardship. Reuters, January 2012.

Successful Product Stewardship is shared responsibility among Manufacturers, Retailers, Government, Consumers and the Private and Public Sector.

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