Take Action On Fluorescent Lighting

Do your part to reduce fluorescent lighting waste by following these simple steps:

Keep an eye out for the next thing in lighting!

The lighting industry is working hard to develop the next generation in lighting technology, and there are already a few LED screw-in bulbs on the market. When available, chose non-toxic lighting – all those fluorescent lamps, even the CFLs, contain a small amount of mercury.

Handle with care

Light bulbs are fragile – and breaking one can release mercury into your home. Accidents happen, though, so check out the EPA’s guidelines for how to clean up a broken fluorescent bulb in your home. You can also refer to PSI's Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Nebraska Mercury Fact Sheets. If you have employees handling lamps, you may want to Employee Safety Signage in English and Spanish

Recycle used bulbs

In some states, it’s illegal to put mercury-containing lamps in the trash, even from your house. Wherever you live, it’s best to recycle bulbs after they burn out so that the mercury can be captured and the materials recycled. Check out Earth911.com to find a recycling opportunity near you, or see this list of mail-back options.

Learn More

Visit PSI’s fluorescent lighting project page and learn more about PSI's efforts to promote fluorescent lighting stewardship programs, view recent press articles, legislation, and find other resources on this issue. If you are interested in Massachusetts-specific information, visit our Massachusetts Mercury Product Page.

Contact Your Legislator

You can also contact your state and local representative and tell them directly that they should sponsor legislation that would create a more robust fluorescent lighting recycling program in your state. If you are unsure of you legislator, check out the Library of Congress's website.

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