Take Action On Electronics

Do your part to reduce electronic waste by following these simple steps:

Extend the lifetime of your device and avoid frequent upgrades of functional devices

Electronic products are constantly being updated. This doesn’t mean that old versions of a product are automatically obsolete. If the product is still in usable condition consider giving it a second chance. Contact the manufacturer to learn how to extend the life of your device.

One average, cell phones are replaced every 18 months- even though they can last for much longer. Be a responsible consumer when on the market for an electronic product and upgrade your device only when it is necessary. Find a company that will provide the service and products that is not only right for you today but will still be right for you many years into the future.


Consider purchasing a refurbished device and reuse electronics. Many major retailers offer this as an option for cell phones and other electronics.

Alternatively, seek local and online resources to help you resell your device. Make sure to clear your device of all personal data.


Many devices contain precious metals, such as copper, silver and gold, that can be recovered through recycling as well as hazardous substances that should not be put in a landfill. Retailers and other manufacturers offer a variety of convenient electronics take back programs, such as trade-in, drop-off and mail-back services. Refer to the PSI Electronics Recycling Guide for further information.

To find an electronics recycling program near you, search for your zip code on Earth911 or use the Greener Gadgets widget, developed by the Consumer Electronics Association, below. Both of these websites offer consumer tips to help save energy and find electronics recycling solutions.

Avoid disposing any electronic device in the trash. In some states, it is even illegal to dispose electronics with household waste. Visit the EPA's eCycling page for information about electronics disposal laws your state may have.

Take Action

Organize an electronics recycling drive in your community. Call2Recycle provides to cell phone and rechargeable battery collection boxes that business, schools, and communities can use to set up a collection location for free. Visit http://www.call2recycle.org/ for details.

Learn More

Visit PSI’s electronics project page and learn more about PSI's efforts to promote electronic stewardship programs, view recent press articles, legislation, and find other resources on this issue.

Contact Your Legislator

Visit PSI’s Extended Producer Responsibility State Laws map to find out if your state has an electronics recycling law. If you state does not have a law, check to see if there is legislation pending and write your legislator to express your support in legislation or interest in having legislation introduced. If you are unsure of you legislator, check out the Library of Congress's website.

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