Take Action On Gas Cylinders

Do your part to reduce gas cylinder waste by following these simple steps:

Use a free tank exchange service

Tank exchange companies collect used tanks, refill them, and redistribute them to tank exchange locations (generally wire cages outside of stores and gas stations). The two largest national tank exchange operations are:

Find other gas cylinder recycling services

Use Earth911’s search tool to find out if there is a recycling center near you that accepts gas cylinders and other fuels and flammable liquids that can be difficult to recycle.

Empty you small fuel canisters

Most small fuel canisters used for camping are made of steel or aluminum and can be reused or recycled at participating programs. Non-refillable fuel canisters can be recycled once it has been emptied of its contents. Several companies offer tools that allow you to safely empty you fuel canisters and place them with your other metal recyclables for collection:

Learn More

Visit PSI’s gas cylinders project page and learn more about PSI's efforts to promote gas cylinders stewardship programs, view recent press articles, legislation, and find other resources on this issue.

Contact Your Legislator

You can also contact your state and local representative and tell them directly that they should sponsor legislation that would create a more robust gas cylinder recycling program in your state. If you are unsure of you legislator, check out the Library of Congress's website.

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