What is PSI doing on Framework?
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PSI has played a central role in the refinement and understanding of framework policies. At the request of the Natural Resources Council of Maine, PSI testified in support of Maine’s framework bill and provided technical support to Maine state officials in their successful bid to pass the nation’s first framework law. Later that spring, PSI completed a study for the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management on the options for implementing a framework approach to product stewardship legislation, which outlines the key elements in any effective product stewardship bill. PSI also facilitated a multi-stakeholder meeting in Rhode Island to receive feedback on the report and to consider a framework bill introduced in Rhode Island. The final report lays out a menu of approaches that any state can apply in introducing a framework bill and provides legislative recommendations.

PSI continues to provide technical support for states considering introducing framework legislation.

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Interested in learning more about, or participating in, the framework dialogue? Contact Stefanie Wnuck at 617-671-0616 or stefanie@productstewardship.us to learn more about the dialogue and what participants hope to accomplish.

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