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14th Series Product Stewardship Institute Networking Webinars

Does EPR Influence Product Design?

Tuesday, November 13th

1:00 - 2:30 PM ET / 10:00 - 11:30 AM PT

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Product stewardship advocates maintain that EPR creates a financial incentive for manufacturers to design products with reduced lifecycle impacts. Some argue that only an Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) approach, whereby companies independently manage their product disposal to meet EPR obligations, can truly influence design. By contrast, many companies believe that any design incentive that other factors, such as production and transportation costs, drive changes in product design more than EPR.

Who is right, and where is the proof? Presenters with varying perspectives on EPR and IPR programs for electronics and packaging will make their case on this webinar, kicking off a facilitated discussion among participants and the audience.


Scott Cassel, Product Stewardship Institute

Speaker: Chris van Rossem, PhD from Lund University
David Stitzhal, Full Circle Environmental
Catherine Abel, Stewardship Ontario
Walter Alcorn, Consumer Electronics Association
Alan Blake, PAC NEXT
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Scott Cassel, CEO/Founder, Product Stewardship Institute

Scott Cassel is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI). Prior to founding the Institute in 2000, Scott served seven years as the Director of Waste Policy and Planning for the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs. He is a founding Board Member and past-President of the North American Hazardous Materials Management Association, whose mission is to reduce the toxicity of the municipal waste stream. He is also a founding Board Member of the Global Product Stewardship Council, which harmonizes product stewardship programs internationally. Scott has worked on product and waste management issues for the past 30 years, for a start-up solid waste management company, a non-profit statewide environmental group, and several other government agencies, including the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. He is author of a comprehensive book chapter on product stewardship in the 2008 Handbook on Household Hazardous Waste. He was also a syndicated newspaper columnist in Massachusetts, and a former columnist for the Boston Business Journal. Scott has a master's degree in environmental policy and dispute resolution from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an undergraduate degree in Geology and Environmental Studies from the University of Pennsylvania.

Chris van Rossem, PhD in Industrial Environmental Economics from Lund University, Sweden

Chris spent almost 10 years living in Sweden and working at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University, where he received both his MSc in Environmental Management and Policy, and his PhD in Industrial Environmental Economics. His research investigated how the design of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation, particularly in the electrical and electronic equipment sector, impacts incentives for improved product design. He currently works for Stewardship Ontario, the Industry Funding Organization (IFO), established by Waste Diversion Ontario for the purposes of developing and implementing waste diversion programs.

David Stitzhal, President, Full Circle Environmental, Inc.

David Stitzhal is President of Full Circle Environmental, Inc., a Seattle-based resource conservation consulting firm established in 1993. In this capacity David also serves as the Coordinator of the Northwest Product Stewardship Council. David specializes in product stewardship partnerships, technical assistance, waste prevention & recycling, facilitation, and public outreach. David has worked in the field of solid waste and recycling for nearly twenty years and holds a Masters Degree in City and Regional Planning from Cornell University.



Catherine Abel, Director of Stakeholder Relations and Sustainability Programming, Stewardship Ontario

Catherine Abel joined Stewardship Ontario in April 2011. As Director, Stakeholder Relations and Sustainability Programming, Catherine is responsible for ensuring that stewards of the Blue Box and Orange Drop Programs are actively engaged with Stewardship Ontario and are able to provide advice and input on key issues that matter to the organization and that add value to the business. Catherine's primary objective is to promote respect, trust, cooperation and mutual understanding between Stewardship Ontario and its steward community. Prior to joining Stewardship Ontario, Catherine served for six years as Vice President, Environment and Sustainability with Food & Consumer Products of Canada where she provided strategic advice to provincial governments on waste diversion, packaging stewardship, and chemical management policies and was an active member of the Global Packaging Project.


Walter Alcorn, Vice President of Environmental Affairs, Consumer Electronics Association

Walter Alcorn is vice president of environmental affairs and industry sustainability for the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). Mr. Alcorn is responsible for legislative initiatives impacting electronic product recycling, design, eco-labeling and hazardous materials restrictions. He currently coordinates CEA's eCycling Leadership Initiative and the associated Billion Pound Challenge announced in April, 2011. Previously Mr. Alcorn was a nationally recognized environmental consultant specializing in electronics recycling systems. Walter co-founded the National Center for Electronics Recycling (NCER) in 2005, and authored numerous studies and research products including the U.S. Per Capita Collection Index and the Patchwork Study published in 2006.

Alan Blake, Executive Director, PAC NEXT

Alan Blake is the Executive Director of PAC NEXT. He has recently retired from Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati and brings to PAC NEXT 30 yrs. experience in the consumer goods industry including 20 yrs. of global packaging design and development expertise. For the past three years he has led P&G's global packaging sustainability program with a focus on the 2020 goals and long-term packaging sustainability vision. He is a chemical engineer by training and has previous experience in the petrochemical industry. Mr. Blake has served on the Sustainable Packaging Coalition Executive Committee, on the board of GreenBlue and is a sought after expert speaker at packaging sustainability conferences.

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