Safe Drug Disposal Portal Outreach Toolkit: Put Info in Your Newsletter

Email or print newsletters are an effective way to keep your residents informed of the latest happenings in your agency or organization. Customize and share the sample language below to fit your purposes and send to your residents. You can also send the paragraph to your community partners and ask them to send it to their databases to reach a wider audience.


Sample Newsletter Language

Do you have leftover medications hanging around in your medicine cabinet? Did you know that unwanted over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs contaminate waterways and potentially local drinking water when flushed, put down the drain, or placed in the trash? Drugs left in the home are equally dangerous, as they can find their way into the hands of children or potential addicts. Prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing drug problem in the U.S., and drug overdose has become the leading cause of injury death in 37 states. Let’s be part of the solution!

Safely dispose of your unwanted and expired medications the right way by visiting a safe drug take-back location near you. All the locations on the Drug Enforcement Administration’s website will collect your leftover prescription and over-the-counter medications (including controlled substances) for free – no questions asked.

More information can be found on the Product Stewardship Institute’s pharmaceuticals stewardship webpage. Feel free to contact us with questions at [PHONE NUMBER].