Safe Drug Disposal Portal Outreach Toolkit: Post on Social Media

Social media is a great tool for increasing resident awareness of the dangers of leftover medications, while educating them on the safest ways to properly dispose of their pharmaceuticals. Nearly 2.3 billion people worldwide are active social media users – that’s a huge audience!

Twitter: Crafting the Perfect Tweet
Twitter is a simple way to quickly share short pieces of information. Twitter posts can be up to 140 characters in length, but 100 characters is the ideal length for maximum distribution. Including images in your tweets will make them stand out in the Twitter feed; these images should be 1084 x 512 pixels*.

Facebook: Appealing to Your Audience
Facebook allows you to share lengthier posts with slightly larger images. However, longer isn’t always better. Shorter posts with compelling graphics tend to receive more shares and comments than longer posts, giving you more visibility within the Facebook news feed. Keeping your Facebook posts under 100 characters is ideal. Always include a link to an article or an image. Images on this social media platform are ideally 1200 x 628 pixels.


Sample posts for Facebook and Twitter

Copy and paste the following social media posts into your agency or organization’s Facebook or Twitter to spread the word about the importance of properly managing leftover pharmaceuticals.

  • Visit a safe drug take-back location to drop off your leftover meds for free – no questions asked. [INSERT PILLS PHOTO]

  • Leaving leftover drugs in the home can pose health and environmental dangers. Safely dispose of them today! [INSERT PILLS PHOTO]

  • Drop off your unwanted prescription and OTC meds at a safe drug take-back location: [INSERT PILLS PHOTO]

  • Rid your home of dangerous, leftover meds today. [INSERT SOCIAL GRAPHIC RE: HEALTH EFFECTS] 

  • Do you have leftover drugs in your medicine cabinet? [INSERT SOCIAL GRAPHIC RE: HEALTH EFFECTS]

  • Safe prescription drug disposal is easy. Visit [INSERT SOCIAL GRAPHIC RE: ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS]

  • Do the right thing: don’t flush your meds. Return leftover drugs to a safe take-back location. Find the closest one:

  • Do the right thing: don’t flush your meds. [INSERT SOCIAL GRAPHIC RE: ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS]
  • Protect your community – bring your leftover meds to a safe drug take-back program. [INSERT PILLS PHOTO]


Graphics to Download

Environmental Impacts






Public Health Impacts