Phone Book Opt-Out Toolkit: Put a Notice in Your Newsletter
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Do you send a monthly or quarterly newsletter to your residents? Is there a local paper that everyone reads? Here’s a sample newsletter post that you can edit and use to spread the word about opt out!

Headline Option 1: Can’t Remember the Last Time You Used a Phone Book? It’s Time to Opt Out

Headline Option 2: Two Clicks to Stop Waste: Opt Out of Your Phone Book

Fifteen years ago, phone books were a valuable source of information. Today, however, an increasing number of Americans are turning to online search engines while their phone books sit unused. Unfortunately, the companies that produce yellow pages haven’t kept up with this trend – most residents continue to receive phone books on their doorsteps, sometimes multiple times per year!

Unwanted phone books are a nuisance and a waste of resources. Virgin paper production for phone books in the U.S. uses an estimated 4.68 million trees worth of wood fiber annually – that’s a forest the size of 14 football fields every single day.

That’s why [TOWN NAME/ORGANIZATION] is joining the Product Stewardship Institute in the #GetOffMyDoorstep campaign. We’re standing united to encourage residents to take 3 minutes to opt out of getting a phone book.

Here’s how you can opt out today:

1. Visit

2. Enter your zip code and create an account

3. After completing registration, click "opt out of or order directories"

4. Choose "opt out of all" option, then "save changes" and hit CONFIRM



Have questions? Contact to learn more.

Did you use this Toolkit to promote opt-out to your residents or networks? Take our brief, 2-minute survey and let us know how we can improve this resource. We appreciate your feedback! 

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