Barefoot Soaps
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The first brand we're highlighting? Barefoot Soaps, handmade in the USA by one of PSI's first interns, Tiferet Zimmern-Kahan.

Beautifully made and naturally scented, Barefoot Soaps are pure, mild, and enriched with healthy, environmentally-friendly herbs and oils. 

With 20% of the proceeds from these sales going to PSI's work on pharmaceuticals, it's easy to feel good about your purchase.

In supporting Barefoot Soaps, you support PSI. 


Each package contains four soaps for $22 (with free shipping). 

Mixed Bundle
This package includes four soaps, including an assortment of oatmeal-anise, orange patchouli, grapefruit poppy seed, cedarwood nettles, and cinnamon-paprika scented soaps.

Mixed Bundle: Assorted Soaps


The oils used in Barefoot Soaps are purchased from a small business in Lancaster, PA. This company purchases their oils from a variety of brokers and suppliers based in the United States. They do everything possible to purchase from suppliers that deal with ethical and sustainable sources.

: saponified olive, coconut, and palm oils, cinnamon leaf essential oil, paprika (natural colorant)

Cedarwood Nettles: saponified olive, coconut, and palm oils, cedarwood and fir needle essential oils, dried nettles (natural colorant)

Oatmeal Anise: saponified olive, coconut, and palm oils, anise essential oil, ground oatmeal and star anise (for texture)

Orange Patchouli: saponified olive, coconut, and palm oils, orange essential oil

Grapefruit Poppy Seed: saponified olive, olive, coconut, and palm oils, grapefruit essential oil, poppy seeds

Barefoot Soaps are packaged in a decorative paper wrapping that comes from India, made with cotton scraps from T-shirt factories. It is 100% recycled from post-consumer waste, and the process is pollution free. 

About Barefoot Soaps
Tiferet Zimmern-Kahan is a native of Cambridge, MA, where she was first introduced to the wonders of soap-making by a neighbor. Tiferet began making her own batches in 2008, while in residence at a Jewish educational farm in Maryland. Since then, she has experimented with different combinations of oils and herbs, passing the skill on to her friends and introductory workshop participants. She now resides in Syracuse, NY where she finds time for soap-making between gardening and teaching middle-school science. Teaming up with PSI is a major step for Tiferet because she is finally making her product available to the public through an organization that she loves to support.

Tiferet served as PSI’s first intern in 2005 after graduating with a degree in Environmental Science. She has enjoyed witnessing the development of the organization over the past ten years, as it’s grown from a small office space on Newbury Street with three employees to its current incarnation. PSI works toward environmental stewardship (a cause close to Tiferet’s heart) by mediating between businesses and local governments. As a small-time artisan, Tiferet works toward the same goals by responsibly sourcing her ingredients.  

*All photos courtesy of Self Agency.

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