Paint Memorandum of Understanding

Second Paint MOU - October 2007

In 2007, PSI mediated a multi-stakeholder dialogue that reached agreement to support a 2nd paint memorandum of understanding (MOU), developing a nationally coordinated system for managing leftover paint. The 2nd Paint MOU followed a historic Resolution by the Board of Directors of the National Paint and Coatings Association that committed industry support for the development of a national system. This MOU set the stage for the passage of the nation's first paint stewardship law in Oregon in 2010.

First Paint MOU - April 2005

In April 2005, PSI facilitated an initial Paint Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that set the stage for the development of a nationally coordinated leftover paint management system. The 1st Paint MOU outlined work on 8 projects that included the following: the development of a recycled paint standard with Green Seal to increase markets for recycled paint; a life-cycle assessment and cost-benefit analysis that compares drying and disposal of leftover latex paint to reuse and recycling; a study to determine the infrastructure needed (and the cost) to collect, consolidate, transport, and recycle leftover paint; and several projects to reduce and reuse leftover paint.