The 3rd National Product Stewardship Forum

The 3rd National Product Stewardship Forum

San Francisco, May 30 - 31 2007

Over 130 representatives of government, industry, environmental groups, and others met in San Francisco for an exciting two days of discussion on the status of product stewardship initiatives in the U.S. and around the world. Here is what our attendees said:

  • Best conference I've ever been to.
  • Excellent - great dialogue, much food for thought.
  • Never seen a workshop with this quality of participant information and topics.
  • Excellent agenda. So many diverse perspectives led to tremendous ideas.
  • Great group of people, brilliant minds.
During the first day, participants were brought up to speed on major efforts related to particular products. John Wells, President and CEO of Interface Americas, provided a brilliant presentation on his company’s efforts to reach sustainability. Exceptional presentations followed on shareholder resolutions, the environmental movement among religious groups, and chemicals policy. The day closed with our ever-popular Canadian and European speakers, who illustrated that progressive product stewardship systems are alive and well in other parts of the world, and ready for adoption/adaptation in the U.S.

The second day featured a highly interactive format. Participants made enormous progress in moving forward a strategy for managing unwanted/waste pharmaceuticals. A second session explored trends impacting product stewardship and identified specific actions that PSI and others can take to expand product stewardship in the U.S. The closing session on regional councils explored the origins and development of product stewardship councils in the northwest, British Columbia, California, and other locations, and identified high priority initiatives on which these councils, PSI, and others will work over the next year.

We hope you can join us for the 4th National Product Stewardship Forum in Boston, MA in June 2008. Stay tuned!

The Annual PSI Membership Meeting was held the evening before the Forum on May 29th, from 4-6 pm.

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Forum Participant Comments:

"One of the best, if not the best, conference I've attended in the past 11 years."

"Very good. I learned a lot about Product Stewardship at this Conference and the potential for expanding/integrating this area."

"The level of sophistication on the part of the speakers is impressive. It is clear that they know their stuff (and network very well.)"

"Especially in light of budget/travel reductions, this is one of the "must go to" conference of the year!"

"Very worthwhile, and a great networking opportunity."

"Inspirational, motivational, and absolutely relevant to the work that we do."

"One of the best keynotes I've heard, memorable."

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