What is PSI doing on Batteries?

In 2011 PSI was selected to serve on the industry’s Battery Planning Council help plan the 2011 Battery Summit. This multistakholder meeting help develop a plan for a national recycling program for single-use batteries. PSI worked extensively in spring 2010 with the battery industry and other key stakeholder groups and developed The Battery Stewardship Briefing Document in preparation for discussions that took place at the PSI National Product Stewardship Forum on July 21, 2010, in Boston. The report and meeting explored strategies for increasing the recycling of rechargeable batteries, harmonizing battery stewardship laws, and the lifecycle impacts from all major battery chemistries. PSI also testified in 2010 in support of battery stewardship legislation in California, which would have been the first U.S. program to require manufacturers to fund the recycling of all battery chemistries, bringing the U.S. in line with European and many Canadian battery programs.

In July 2009, PSI released a report which was developed under contract with the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation. This document, titled "Battery Performance Metrics: Recommendations for Best Practice” showcases the importance of evaluating the effectiveness of current battery collection and recycling programs. In addition, the report provides examples of how performance has been measured in both the United States and internationally and offers guidelines of how to best evaluate battery take-back programs.

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If you are interested in learning more about PSI’s batteries project please contact Karen Shapiro, at 617-236-4866 or karen@productstewardship.us.

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