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PSI Members and Partners are guided by the Principles of Product Stewardship.

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Membership Benefits

Full Members receive all of the following benefits. For state and local governments who are unable to pay for Full Membership, some of the following benefits are available through free Affiliate Memberships.

Membership benefits are available to all members agency employees. Each staff member can choose the product categories of most interest to them (e.g., paint, electronics, pharmaceuticals, etc.) and the amount of information they receive.

Local governments in Oklahoma, a special Full Membership opportunity is available. Please contact Amanda Nicholson to learn more. 

Questions about joining PSI? Contact Megan Byers.  


Affiliate Member (free)

Full Member

Access to Key Information



Close communication with PSI staff to keep a pulse on issues your agency has made a priority



Product Stewardship newsletter (PS Updates)



Twice/month Legislative Updates and 24/7 exclusive access to our online legislation tracker


Breaking news and action alerts



Webinar registration

25% discount


Access to privileged content via PSI’s website and staff (e.g., research reports, briefing documents, etc.)



10% discount on consulting projects


Discounted registration for the U.S. Product Stewardship Forum


Shape Public Policy

Inclusion in PSI policy discussions, including government-only strategic product conversations


Access to PSI staff for technical and strategic guidance (a few hours/month)



Full access to PSI’s professional network



Networking and relationship-building opportunities with other government agencies, as well as industry leaders, retailers, and environmental advocates



Be Recognized as a Sustainability Leader

Invitations to speak on PSI webinars, at the U.S. Product Stewardship Forum, and PSI-organized panels at others’ conferences and events



Priority selection for participation in PSI pilot projects



Recognition on PSI website



Opportunities to promote your agency's product stewardship initiatives and successes to PSI's expansive database of 10,000+ product stewardship professionals in North America and globally


Eligibility to serve on, and vote for, the PSI Board of Directors




Annual Dues

Dues Categories

(based on population)

Annual Dues

Less than 25,000


Between 25,000 and 100,000


Between 100,000 and 500,000


Between 500,000 and 1.25 million


Between 1.25 million and 3 million


Between 3 million and 5 million


Between 5 million and 8 million


Greater than 8 million



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Member Testimonials:

"Under the new paint product stewardship program facilitated by PSI, Oregon’s Metro regional government will save about $1 million each year. Thanks to PSI’s vision, leadership and tenacity, what was once a longtime dream has become a reality. The program will save valuable resources and create jobs by enhancing our facility’s capacity to manufacture and sell high-quality recycled paint." -- Jim Quinn, Hazardous Waste Program Manager, Metro, Oregon


"PSI is the nucleus around which government and industry interests meet. It is a vehicle that runs on objectivity, sound research, and technical competence that can’t help but attract a strong network of stakeholders in order that effective solutions may be created.” -- Dave Galvin, Hazardous Waste Management Program Supervisor, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, WA


"PSI brought the concept of product stewardship to Nebraska, but they did not impose it on us. Rather, they worked collaboratively with government agencies and business interests so that we could implement the concept of product stewardship in a way that works for Nebraska. We now have a solid coalition that is committed to product stewardship as the best approach to save taxpayer dollars, reduce the need for government resources, and result in a healthy environment for our citizens." -- Steve Danahy, Waste Planning and Aid Unit Supervisor, Nebraska DEQ

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