Florida Product Stewardship Initiative

Florida Paint Stewardship

Since 2003, the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) has facilitated a national dialogue aimed at reducing the generation of leftover paint while increasing reuse and recycling opportunities. The Florida Paint Stewardship Project, an initiative of PSI in conjunction with the Florida Chapter of the North American Hazardous Materials Management Association, aimed to lay the groundwork for industry-sponsored paint stewardship legislation in Florida. The organization was comprised of local government officials throughout the state that sought to reduce their costs of managing leftover latex and oil-based paint, generate Florida-based recycling jobs, and improve the environment.


Why Paint Stewardship?

In Florida, 10 percent of all paint purchased becomes leftover – around 4.6 million gallons annually. Leftover paint is the largest component of local household hazardous waste collection programs and is costly to manage. Paint can be captured for reuse, recycling, energy recovery, or safe disposal, but doing so requires public awareness and a convenient and effective infrastructure at the local level that currently exceeds local government budgets and capacity. Florida is one of only nine states slated for paint stewardship legislation to be introduced with support from the paint industry. This represents a tremendous opportunity for the state and its local governments. Passage of this legislation could provide Florida local governments with financial benefits of up to $35 million if all leftover paint were to be collected and managed properly.


What's Happening in Other States?

Oregon became the first state to pass paint producer responsibility legislation in the United States in summer 2009. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has recently released recommendations to the legislature for continuing with the Paint Stewardship Program to make it work better operationally. The recommendations made by the included but are not limited to: ensuring full costs of program activities are covered, establishing program measures to ensure accountability, expanding scope of covered products to include aerosol paints, clarifying and strengthening requirements for education and outreach. A comprehensive flow chart that describes the different elements of Oregon’s program was developed by the Pilot Program’s Evaluation Committee to show how the program works.

California became the second state to pass paint stewardship legislation when its Architectural Paint Recovery Program was signed into law by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in September 2010. Currently, CalRecycle is developing regulations related to its new responsibilities under the law, including criteria for stewardship plans, oversight, and enforcement. The law is slated for implementation in July 2012.

Connecticut is the most recent state to pass paint stewardship legislation. The law passed in June 2011 and is scheduled for implementation in March 2013.


What Would Paint Stewardship Mean for Florida?

Below, you can find fact sheets that breakdown the financial and environmental benefits of a paint stewardship law for 10 counties that participated in PSI’s initial benefits assessment:


Project Resources

Characterization of Existing Paint Management Program in Florida Briefing Paper (May 30, 2012 - Updated July 1, 2012): Briefing paper that characterizes the existing paint management program in Florida, including several scenarios for increasing paint reuse, recycling, and the sale of recycled paint.

Florida Paint Management Survey Results: Describes the current profile of paint management in Florida, including estimated gallons of leftover paint and program management costs. Of Florida’s 67 counties, 52 responded to the survey, representing 78% of the state’s population. The survey was conducted by the Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority.

Florida Product Stewardship Initiative May 19, 2011 Call Summary (May 19, 2011): The notes for the initial call starting up the Florida Paint Stewardship Project. It includes background information on the issue, an overview of stakeholder roles, and a perspective from Oregon’s experience with its own paint stewardship law.

Planning for Paint Stewardship in Florida (May 19, 2011): PowerPoint presented during the May 19 kick-off conference call. Includes information about the Florida Paint Stewardship Initiative, timing of paint legislation in Florida, stakeholder roles/perspectives, and next steps.

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