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For U.S. state and local governments

PSI has 47 state government members and hundreds of local government members across the U.S. As a PSI member, you have the opportunity to shape public policy, expand networking opportunities, and keep abreast of the latest legislation and policies affecting your agency. Members are also able to enhance their technical knowledge about product management, receive priority selection to participate in PSI pilot projects, and can serve on the PSI Board of Directors.

PSI also provides staff-like resources for its members by conducting research and pursuing projects that are directly relevant to all state and local agencies. As a PSI member, you will form the core of PSI’s government agency coalition that shares information and ideas. This unified government voice will be represented by PSI in all stakeholder negotiations in the product stewardship field.

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For corporations, nonprofits, academic institutions. and non-U.S. governments

PSI has over 120 corporate, organizational, academic, non-US government, and individual partners. PSI partners are privilege to many benefits, including recognition on the PSI website and promotional materials, as well as access to a diverse stakeholder group. Our partners also play a key role in our PSI run dialogues and meetings.

Being a PSI partner keeps you informed of the latest developments in the product stewardship movement. Product stewardship cannot be achieved without committed leaders, and by partnering with PSI, you too can join the forefront of this burgeoning movement.

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