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Product Stewardship cannot be achieved without the active participation of the public sector. As a government member, you can help to shift the responsibility for the finance and management of products at end-of-life from governments, to producers and consumers. This shift saves governments and taxpayers millions of dollars and lowers overall costs by designing more efficient programs. Start making a difference and help us allocate responsibility where it belongs.


State Government Members

State Government members include state-level agencies, such as State Environmental Protection Agencies, Departments of Environmental Protection, and other state level agencies interested in product stewardship related initiatives.

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Local Government Members

Local Government members include town, city, county, and other local-level agencies interested in product stewardship related initiatives.

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Member Testimonials:

"Under the new paint product stewardship program facilitated by PSI, Oregon’s Metro regional government will save about $1 million each year. Thanks to PSI’s vision, leadership and tenacity, what was once a longtime dream has become a reality. The program will save valuable resources and create jobs by enhancing our facility’s capacity to manufacture and sell high-quality recycled paint." -- Jim Quinn, Hazardous Waste Program Manager, Metro, Oregon

"PSI is the nucleus around which government and industry interests meet. It is a vehicle that runs on objectivity, sound research, and technical competence that can’t help but attract a strong network of stakeholders in order that effective solutions may be created.” -- Dave Galvin, Hazardous Waste Management Program Supervisor, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, WA

"PSI brought the concept of product stewardship to Nebraska, but they did not impose it on us. Rather, they worked collaboratively with government agencies and business interests so that we could implement the concept of product stewardship in a way that works for Nebraska. We now have a solid coalition that is committed to product stewardship as the best approach to save taxpayer dollars, reduce the need for government resources, and result in a healthy environment for our citizens." -- Steve Danahy, Waste Planning and Aid Unit Supervisor, Nebraska DEQ