Foodware Cost Calculator
Use this handy calculator to project the cost savings you will achieve by reducing disposable plastics at your food business.
If you aren't sure of an amount, make your best guess or look up a cost estimate.

Enter name of disposable item you want to reduce and/or replace.

Your current costs
How many cases you purchase each month.

How much each case costs.

How many of the item are in each case.

How much you'll save by reducing this item
Estimate the % reduction you will achieve, or enter your reduction goal. If you will not reduce this item, leave it at 0.

Switching to a reusable product?
Cost per each reusable item.

Cost of the reusable product, including new equipment and/or infrastructure (ex. a dishwasher or storage space) you will need.

Cost of periodic replacements due to loss or breakage; cleaning supplies; and estimated increases in bills (ex. electric, water).

Ongoing cost savings such as reduction in waste hauling fees and reduced litter cleanup labor costs.

Switching to a new disposable product?
See PSI's Plastic Reduction Guide for Restaurants for tips on choosing the right non-plastic, recyclable, or compostable product for you.

If your chosen alternative is more expensive than your current product, we highly recommend reducing your use to keep your costs down. Use "Reduction" above to see how reduction will lower your costs.
How much each case costs.

How many of the item are in each case.