Megan Byers

Communications Lead & Senior Associate for Policy and Programs

(617) 236-4866 |

Megan plays a dual role in both communications and policy to advance product stewardship policies nationwide. Megan leads PSI's communications and marketing, utilizing her love of data to bring a strategic approach to the organization's marketing. She executes digital media and public education campaigns to promote reduction, reuse, and recycling for a wide variety of products.

Megan is also PSI's expert on policies to reduce plastic pollution for a wide range of single-use plastic products, including carryout bags, polystyrene, straws, bottles, and other convenience plastics that commonly become litter. She tracks legislation to reduce plastic pollution nationally and researches best practices to inform policy discussions. She is the author of PSI's popular 3 Steps to Reduce Plastic and Benefit Your Business: A Guide for Restaurants and Eateries. She also coordinates product stewardship coalitions in Illinois, New York, and Vermont.

Prior to joining PSI, Megan conducted research on the impacts of pesticides and pharmaceutical pollutants on aquatic life. She holds a B.A. in Environmental Science from Mount Holyoke College and a Five College Coastal & Marine Sciences Certificate. She loves exploring the outdoors, getting creative, and sharing her enthusiasm for science!