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You want to do the right thing. You've got a pile of batteries that can't go in the trash or recycling bin. And you want your old computer to find new life. But! You don't know where to take them. Sound familiar?

At PSI, we get that you need convenient ways to recycle. We create programs that make it easy so you can drop off those batteries and electronics at the store on your next shopping trip.

We also pass laws that make product producers fund and run these programs. We don't think it's fair for these companies to profit from your purchases, then also make you pay as a taxpayer for the waste they produced.

Important Resources


Product-specific information

Explore the "Products" section of our website to learn about the more than 20 everyday products that we cover, why these items don't belong in the trash – and where you can take them.


Drug take-back locations

Got unused drugs? They are dangerous to keep around. We made a list of secure disposal options in your state.

Find a drug take-back site


Stop unwanted phone book delivery

Most people no longer use the phone book to find information. If you're one of them, opt out of your phone book today, and spread the word about it to your family and friends! Our video and treasure trove of graphics are ready to share.

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Tackle plastic waste

8 of the top 10 most littered items are food service plastics like straws, bags, and bottles. So, we created an all-in-one guide to help restaurants reduce single-use plastics. Use your power as a consumer – share it with your local eateries!

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If you think what we do is important, then please support us!

If you’ve returned a paint can or old electronic device to a store, dropped off expired medication at a pharmacy, or opted out of phone book delivery, you’ve benefited from our work. 

We will use your contribution to keep expanding your opportunities to recycle everything  even the tricky stuff.