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Is the China Sword slashing your recycling program and your budget? Are you trying to get hazardous and hard-to-manage consumer products like batteries and carpet out of the municipal waste stream?

You're in the right place. PSI leads the U.S. product stewardship movement, pioneering both legislative and voluntary approaches to manage products in ways that save you money, create jobs, and protect our communities.

We will help you every step of the way. As a membership organization and a consultant, we combine the blue-sky vision of a think tank with practical advice that you only get from years of experience. We possess an unparalleled understanding of the nuances of more than 20 product sectors.

What We Do for You


Research, pilot projects, & evaluation

PSI evaluates existing and proposed product take-back and recycling programs, integrating best practices with state and local waste management goals. Our research and pilot projects explore new approaches to eradicate hard-to-manage and dangerous products and packaging from the municipal waste stream.

problem solving

Facilitation & consensus building

We have convened and facilitated hundreds of state, regional, and national multi-stakeholder meetings, calls, and events to develop public-private partnerships and regional strategic plans that align your goals with industry expertise. We also coordinate government-led product stewardship coalitions in several states.


Education & empowerment

Our webinars teach you the best practices, trends, and important developments in product stewardship. We also create toolkits and educational materials to help you implement product stewardship programs and educate the public, businesses, and legislators about waste reduction.


Legislative support & policy models

PSI supports you in the legislative process from start to finish. We develop model bills, educate legislators, submit testimony, lobby, and participate in the regulatory process to help you pass and implement producer responsibility legislation that gets results. We also track active bills nationally so you always know what's happening.

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The product stewardship field is ever-evolving. Sorting through all the information you need to create effective policies and programs takes time you just don’t have. Become a PSI member today to take advantage of the full range of knowledge, resources, and opportunities we offer.

Have a specific project in mind? Full members also receive a generous discount on our consulting services.