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At PSI, we know that a circular economy propelled by safe, eco-friendly products doesn't just happen. It’s the result of hard work and collaboration.

For 20 years, we have brought the private and public sectors together to create thoughtful, seamless product stewardship programs and policies. Our experience shows that putting people and planet first also packs powerful business benefits -- operational efficiency, increased availability of quality recycled material, and customer appreciation and loyalty.

As a business partner and consultant, we combine the blue-sky vision of a think tank with practical advice that comes from years in the trenches.

What We Do for You


Research, pilot projects, & evaluation

PSI evaluates existing and proposed programs, integrating best practices with business needs. We conducted the first retail computer take-back pilot with Staples, helped grocery stores go green, and our research for the paint industry identifies new technologies and end markets for post-consumer latex paint.

problem solving

Facilitation & consensus building

PSI gives you a seat at the table. We have convened and facilitated hundreds of state, regional, and national multi-stakeholder meetings, calls, and events to develop public-private partnerships and regional strategic plans that align your needs and industry expertise with government goals.


Education & empowerment

Our webinars and resources teach you the best practices, trends, and important developments in product stewardship. We coordinate public-private product stewardship coalitions in several states, and formed the first recycled paint industry association to promote their products.


Legislative support & compliance

PSI builds consensus between businesses, government, and NGOs to pass and implement producer responsibility laws that gets results for your industry. We track active legislation nationally, so you know what's ahead, and help you understand what you need to comply.

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Sorting through all the information you need to track and comply with producer responsibility laws and build effective product stewardship programs takes time you just don’t have. Become a PSI partner today to take advantage of the full range of knowledge, resources, and opportunities we offer.

Got a specific project in mind? PSI Sustaining Partners also receive a generous discount on our consulting services.