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Today’s increasingly complicated waste stream, recycling crisis, and zero-waste mandates mean that the waste business isn’t simple.

How do you collect enough quality material with low enough contamination to meet strict market standards and turn a profit? What products can we capture separately from household trash to protect our waste workers, create jobs, and drive the supply of valuable recovered materials?

That's where we come in. As a business partner and consultant, we invite the waste industry to the table to create thoughtful, seamless product stewardship programs and policies for more than 20 product sectors.

What We Do for You


Research, pilot projects, & evaluation

PSI evaluates existing and proposed stewardship programs. Our reports inform discussions on challenges and opportunities to managing difficult products. We also identify new recycling technologies and end markets for post-consumer material.

problem solving

Facilitation & consensus building

PSI gives you a seat at the table. We convene and facilitate state, regional, and national multi-stakeholder meetings, calls, and events to develop consensus for solutions that align your needs with government goals. We also coordinate product stewardship coalitions in several states.


Education & empowerment

Our webinars and resources teach you the best practices, trends, and important developments in product stewardship. We also create easy toolkits and public education materials to inform your customers about proper recycling and disposal practices.


Legislative support

PSI develops model bills, submits testimony, and lobbies to pass and implement producer responsibility laws that eradicate hard-to-manage and dangerous products from the municipal waste stream. We track active legislation nationally, so you know what's ahead.

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Are you sick of batteries catching fire in your trucks or worrying about needle sticks in your sorting line? Become a PSI partner to take advantage of the knowledge and opportunities we offer to create state-of-the-art material recovery solutions for the circular economy.

Got a specific project in mind? PSI Sustaining Partners also receive a generous discount on our consulting services.