Phone Book Opt-Out Toolkit

Welcome to the Phone Book Opt-Out Toolkit! Local government officials, environmental activists, teachers, and community members will find this resource useful in spreading the word about how to opt out of phone book delivery. This page contains a variety of tools and information that you can use to launch your own phone book opt-out campaign. Learn more about the Product Stewardship Institute's (PSI's) phone book initiatives on the product page, or view the 2015 Yellow Pages Sustainability Report Card to learn about the role telephone directory publishers play in reducing phone book waste.

Why Launch a Phone Book Opt-Out Campaign?


In this technology-driven age, an increasing number of Americans are turning to online search engines rather than print phone books, yet yellow pages companies continue to drop unwanted directories on residents' doorsteps throughout the country. Unwanted directories are not only a nuisance but also a waste: each year the industry uses an estimated 4.68 million trees worth of wood fiber, or 14 football fields’ worth of forest per day. They are also a burden on local governments, who pay nearly $60 million annually to recycle or dispose of unwanted phone books.

By opting out of receiving phone books, your community can quickly reduce its environmental footprint and send an important message to publishers about wasteful distribution. In fact, every 100 unwanted phone books removed from printing and distribution reduces greenhouse gas emissions equal to nearly 2,000 miles driven by a passenger vehicle.


How Can Residents Opt Out?

It’s free, easy, and takes just 3 minutes! All residents need to do is:

1. Visit the Yellow Pages Opt Out website

(we recommend a button on your website, as shown)

2. Enter zip code and create an account

3. After completing registration, click "opt out of or order directories"

4. Choose "opt out of all" option, then "save changes" and hit CONFIRM.


We want your feedback! Take our 1-minute survey to let us know what you think about the effectiveness of the Yellow Pages Opt-Out website. 



Tools to Take Action!

PSI needs your help to spread the word about this important environmental issue and to encourage others to opt out of phone book delivery. Here’s what you can do:




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