Phone Book Opt-Out Toolkit: Post on Facebook


Facebook: Appealing to Your Audience

Facebook lets you share lengthier posts with slightly larger images than Twitter. But remember: shorter posts with compelling graphics tend to receive more shares and comments than longer posts, giving you more visibility within the Facebook news feed.

Keeping your Facebook posts under 100 characters is ideal. Always include an image or a link to an article. Images on this social media platform are ideally 1,200 x 628 pixels. You may find some sample graphics in the Toolkit’s Graphics Gallery.


What should I include in my Facebook opt-out posts?

  • Link to the Yellow Pages Opt Out page by including this link in your posts:
  • Increase your reach by tagging relevant organizations in your posts. To do so, “like” the organization’s page on Facebook, then type their username into the copy of your post (@OrganizationName). 
Pro tip! When crafting your Facebook posts, think about what your audience is most interested in. If your audience is compelled to action with powerful facts and figures, grab an interesting statistic from the Toolkit for text of your post. Including an intriguing quote from an article is another easy way to drive users to click the link and keep reading.


Facebook Examples
Below are some examples of Facebook posts for your use. Feel free to copy and paste directly into your Facebook account or customize them to better fit your purposes.


Download a larger list of Facebook post examples HERE

  • Online searches are quickly replacing phone books as a way to search for information. Studies show that 70% of adults "rarely or never" use a phone book. Yet the books keep showing up on our doorsteps. Opt out today! #GetOffMyDoorstep
  • The internet has replaced the Yellow Pages as a source of information. Time to opt out of phone book delivery and stop wasting these valuable resources. #conservation #GetOffMyDoorstep
  • Printed phone books are turning into a relic as more people turn to online search engines to find the information they seek. Opt out today! #TheseWereTrees
  • It’s easy to save trees by opting out of your phone book delivery.
  • Local governments pay nearly $60 million annually in recycling and disposal fees for unwanted phone books. Let’s use that money for something else that our community truly needs. Opt out today.

Download a larger list of Facebook post examples HERE


Here are some examples of how Facebook can be used once you incorporate the text and images. Feel free to mirror these exactly or create your own. You can find images for posting in our Graphics Gallery.


Test optimum posting times.

Facebook viewership changes throughout the day, and there may be certain times at which your posts receive the most attention. Rather than sticking to a 9-5 schedule, try posting on nights and weekends to see how many likes, shares, and clicks your posts receive (find more information about tracking Facebook analytics in Facebook’s Help Center).

Luckily, unlike Twitter, Facebook provides a free scheduling tool that allows you to test optimal posting times with ease. After you craft a post on your agency/organization’s Facebook page, click the down arrow to the right of the Publish button. Here, you will see an option to “Schedule.”



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