Phone Book Opt-Out Toolkit: Media Outreach

Spread the word about opt-out widely by contacting your local news media (print, online, radio, or television). Email the sample Public Service Announcement language below to your local radio station and ask them to play it on the air. Each option is 00:30 seconds long. 

Sample Public Service Announcement Language

Option 1: Environmental Message

Nearly 70 percent of adults “rarely or never” use a phone book, yet 650,000 tons of these bulky books are delivered to households each year. Imagine the ink and paper (and trees!) used. In fact, virgin paper production for phone books in the U.S. uses over 4 and a half million trees annually – or 14 football fields’ worth of forest per day!  

Do you use your yellow pages directory? If not, do your part to save trees – opt out today at It’s fast, easy, and free!


Option 2: Clutter/Humor/Anger Message
Do you hear that? [THUD] That’s the sound of a phone book being thrown onto your front lawn. As big and bulky as a huge dinosaur [ROAR], these books are a wasteful relic thanks to the rise of internet search engines. In fact, more often than not, phone books are thrown immediately into the trash or recycling bin. YOU can stop these clunkers from getting to your doorstep in the first place: opt out online by visiting


Option 3: Economic Message
Did you know that local governments and taxpayers – like you – pay nearly $60 million annually nationwide to recycle and dispose of unwanted phone books? That’s a lot of money – money that could be going to critical services like schools, bridges, and fire departments in your community. Do your part: stop phone book delivery by opting out today! It only takes a few quick clicks: visit


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