5 Easy Steps to Reduce Plastic and Benefit Your Business


Despite our best intentions, some of the packaging we give customers will be littered. 80% of this debris is plastic. PSI has worked with restaurants to identify strategies for reducing single-use plastic and disposable serviceware to tackle this problem at its source and save business owners money along the way!

Voluntary waste reduction strategies such as reusable food serviceware complement producer responsibility systems, like EPR for packaging, that address plastic waste. When producers and businesses step up to achieve the best possible environmental outcomes, everyone benefits. We’ve compiled this toolkit to help restaurants work toward a circular economy that keeps communities healthy, safe, and thriving.


What's Inside: 

  • Plastic Footprint Assessment Tool
  • Foodware Cost Calculator
  • Step-by-Step Plastic Reduction Plan Guide
  • Results from Real Restaurants
  • Sample Disposable Products Business Policy
  • Extra Resources for Tackling Plastic in Your Community
  • NEW: Customer Education Templates & Ideas
  • NEW: Guidance on Reusable Materials and COVID-19

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