The Problem

The U.S. generates approximately 233 million on-road scrap tires each year. An estimated additional 75 million tires lie in stockpiles or illegal dumps across the country, causing environmental threats and public health hazards like mosquito-borne illness and fire risk. While the U.S. only landfills a small percentage of tires, more than half the tires diverted from the landfill are burned as tire-derived fuel (TDF) even though tires can be recycled or retreaded.

A Solution

The success of extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs – or safe recycling and disposal programs run and financed by manufacturers – for paint, electronics, and other products has sparked an interest in pursuing a similar approach for tires. With producer funding, EPR offers an effective, sustainable financing system that can increase the collection and recycling of leftover tires, reduce government and overall costs of tire management, and lessen environmental impacts.

While the U.S. does not yet have a legislated EPR program for tires, such programs have been successfully operating in Canada since 2007. Both Connecticut and Vermont have introduced tire EPR bills in recent years.

Tire companies have also pursued voluntary product stewardship initiatives to lessen the environmental and public health impacts of their products. Bridgestone, for example, recycles one tire for every tire sold in the U.S. through its One Team, One Planet program.

PSI’s Role in Delivering Solutions

Provides Technical Assistance 

PSI helps stakeholders launch new tire stewardship initiatives or modify existing programs. In recent years, PSI has held two webinars that explored the impacts of mismanaged tires, markets for tire recycling, and EPR as a possible solution. PSI members and partners receive access to additional information. 


Brings Stakeholders Together

PSI brings together industry, state and local governments, recyclers, and organizations to improve tire collection and recycling. In January 2015, PSI facilitated a National Tire Stewardship Dialogue Meeting that drew more than 160 attendees from government, industry, the recycling sector, and retail.


Advocates for EPR Legislation

PSI monitors, informs, introduces, advocates for, and submits expert testimony for tire product stewardship legislation around the country.

Conducts Research and Evaluates Programs

With input from government and industry stakeholders, PSI developed a Tire Stewardship Briefing Document to serve as a basis for discussions to advance tire stewardship in the U.S.

Creates Toolkits and Online Resources

PSI provides tools for governments, organizations, and other stakeholders looking to start or promote tire stewardship programs. Through two U.S. Department of Agriculture-funded projects in 2013 and 2015, PSI worked with Bridgestone’s One Team, One Planet program to promote tire collection and cleanup for community organizations and local governments in nine states.



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