Webinar Recording

Data Management in a Circular Economy

Wednesday, May 20, 2020
1:00pm - 2:30pm ET


PSI thanks DIVERSYS for its sponsorship, which allows us to provide this webinar free of charge.

As Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) takes hold around the world, the demands on organizations that manage complex recovery and recycling programs, like producer responsibility organizations (PROs) and government-run stewardship programs, grow more numerous each year. To meet the demands of these complex circular supply chains, PROs and other stewardship organizations need better tools— ones that are specifically designed for them and their programs. Current systems fall short as government regulators, consumers, and manufacturers are demanding greater transparency in the chain of responsibility for the materials they are collecting, increased financial transactions with vendors, and irrefutable data integrity.

Canadian software company Diversys has developed DiversysPRO, a workflow software solution specifically designed to address the challenges of the recycling industry, particularly under EPR systems. PSI and Diversys have teamed up to provide this highly practical webinar, which will explore the factors driving the need for more and better data, including supply chain management, financial responsibility, regulatory compliance, and environmental challenges. We will also hear from Saskatchewan Used Oil Management Association about their technological efforts to close the gaps in material flows data, including mobile data acquisition and integration across data platforms, a necessary step to a circular supply chain. This webinar continues PSI’s global conversation about EPR and the circular economy.

This event is also referred to as "Software Solutions that Set the Global Circular Economy Spinning."

Background Information: What DiversysPRO Can Do For You

Part of PSI’s Global Webinar Series: Sparking Conversations, Building Networks


Brent Crawford
VP, Client Success

Brent Crawford is the VP of Customer Success at Diversys.  With over 10 years of sales & marketing experience in a range of technology industries (including telecommunications, IoT, mobility, printed electronics, and security solutions), Brent values a customer-centric approach. He always advocates for the customer – whether it’s when bringing new technologies to market or identifying new market opportunities. His philosophy is: with technology evolving at such a rapid pace, we have the opportunity to transform how we work, not only to be more productive, but also to gain a competitive edge.

Roger Barlow
CEO & Co-Founder

Roger Barlow, Diversys’ CEO, has 25 years of wide-ranging experience with both start-ups and Fortune 100 global tech multi-nationals resulting in a strong balance of technical knowledge in software and cloud architecture, strategic business acumen, and finance expertise. Named the 2016 CareerEdge Mentor of the Year while at Bell Canada, Roger is also a dedicated leader and visionary. Roger is a Licensed Professional Engineer (P. Eng) with a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Toronto and an MBA from McGill University.


Ethan Richardson
Executive Director
Saskatchewan Association for Resource Recovery Corporation (SARRC)

Ethan Richardson (M.Sc. P.Eng.) joined the Saskatchewan Association for Resource Recovery Corporation (SARRC) in 2017 as the Executive Director. SARRC was founded in 1997 based on an extended producer responsibility model to recycle used oil, oil filters, antifreeze and associated plastic containers in a large, sparsely populated province in Canada. Ethan has over 20 years of expertise in the environmental field, including as a consultant in a large firm, as the Environment Manager for a developmental mining project and as a small business owner independently offering environmental assessment and management services.


Moderator Scott Cassel
CEO & Founder
Product Stewardship Institute

Scott Cassel has over 30 years of experience tackling waste management issues in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Prior to founding the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) in 2000, he served seven years as the Director of Waste Policy and Planning for the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, where he developed and implemented solid and hazardous waste management policies and programs. Scott is a nationally renowned leader in the product stewardship movement and has experience with more than 20 product categories, including electronics, lamps, thermostats, pharmaceuticals, mattresses, packaging, and paint.