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Batteries: The Canadian Way - Webinar Recording

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With mobile products trending upward, the need for batteries has significantly increased in the last decade. It makes sense, therefore, that batteries have joined electronics, paint and others as a prime target for extended producer responsibility (EPR) mandates. Canada has led the way in North America in enacting laws that require manufacturers to finance and operate collection and recycling programs. British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba and Quebec already have regulations in place, with other provinces (and US states) actively considering similar laws.

Canadian battery stewardship has presented challenges to municipalities, retailers, and the battery industry. Municipalities seek to manage batteries in conjunction with myriad other mandates; retailers must determine how to manage battery sales and potential fees with their customers; and the battery industry struggles with how best to finance this obligation, particularly when collection targets are pushed increasingly higher. Amidst all of this, provincial regulators seek accountability, performance and harmonization with other programs.

Whether you’re operating in a current regulatory environment or are interested in exporting the Canadian experience to your area, come join our expert panel of speakers as they discuss current challenges and successes, and lend insight into how battery stewardship programs have performed in Canada.


Joe Zenobio

Executive Director

Call2Recycle Canada





Jodi Tomchyshyn London

Manager of Policy and Planning

Waste Diversion Ontario




Nathalie St. Pierre


Retail Council of Canada




Scott Cassel (Moderator)

Chief Executive Officer

Product Stewardship Institute